Taxidermy of the Future


African Mobilities

Délio Jasse’s Endless Archive

“Looking to vintage photographs and alternative processes, Délio Jasse engages the infinite possibilities of image making.”

Panorama: Latent Ghosts

Any conversation or reflection on the history of architecture and urbanism in Angola cannot begin without reflecting on the colonial project and its impact on the formation of Angolan cities…


The spaces portrayed throughout this book – the cinemas - are testament to a particular period of our history, as well as to a generation of architects, local and other, who contributed to constructing the image of our cities. If on the one hand, the more technical observer notices the details, the materials and the spectacular nature of the architecture, on the other hand, they also allow us to imagine the life that was lived and dreamt of there.



Being Her(e)

Being and Becoming: complexities of the African Identity

The Best Fucking Life

From Hands to Mind

Intrepid Visions: Ilha de São Jorge, The Publication

The publication, edited by Paula Nascimento, Ana Vaz, and Stefano Serventi, follows the thematic thread of the exhibition Ilha de São Jorge and it constitutes the theoretical apparatus that supports and enriches the filmic material…

Yonamine creates ruins

Yonamine uses brands to cancel brands, images to cancel images. Voluntary or not, each gesture is destructive in its nature and simultaneously cancels what existed prior to the action. With this series of self-destructive actions, the artist creates a palimpsest that makes his work a continuous ruin.

Ilha de São Jorge

Luanda Encyclopedic City

Beyond Entropy Angola