Rhizomes proposes an alternative, subjective and poetic cartography of the contemporary imaginations of seventeen artists from Africa and the diaspora whose multi-facetted work is hybridised by the world of digital technology.

The exhibition explores the role and influence of new technologies on contemporary artistic production and the ways they are used to reimagine the present, to ask questions about the future and to (re)contextualise official narratives.

The exhibition has three conceptual strands: “History and knowledge dissemination”: works that address the uncertain status of orality as a vector of memory and transmission of value in the 21st century; “Spiritual Networks”, reflecting upon the material and immaterial conditions of colonisation and the ecological impact of the digital revolution on the African continent. “Imaginary Worlds”: works that project humanist utopias and alternative universes.


Artists: Malala Andrialavizadrana, Alun B, Tshiani Baloji, Cesar Schofield Cardoso, Pedro Coquenão “Batida”, Nolan Oswald Dennis, Omar Victor Diop, Olalekan Jeyfous, Cyrus Kabiru, Selly Raby Kane, Grada Kilomba, Francois Knoetze, Maurice Mbikayi, Emo de Medeiros, Mohau Modissakeng, Nástio Mosquito, João Renato Orecchia

Co-curated with Stephane Moginot

Design: La Villa Hermosa

Commissioned by The Saison Africa 2020/Va Lille de Bordeaux

La Base sous-Marine, Bordeaux