The Web of Life

 “We believe that, by experiencing our bodies as ancestral matter, we are able to articulate the dense and violent histories of extraction that are inscribed in the colonised land, as well as to connect with the infinite potential for healing and earthly resilience that form our anti-colonial lives and desires.” Jota Mombaça

The web of Life congregates a group of international artists whose works question the dichotomy of living/non-living beings in the frame of extractivism.

They address the historical legacy of extractive industries, its numerous manifestations in the daily life of us all, and the reconfiguration of bodily and land borders in the capitalocene. Some works are speculative, while others invoke the importance of small acts as having a revolutionary potential.  Even the potential for Art to be an agent of change and critical reflection. These different perspectives configure real alternative positioning in front of nature, humans as part of nature, and art as a fundamental vehicle for speculation and a radical channel for learning and questioning.

The exhibition The Web of Life is in response to the theme of the VII Lubumbashi Biennial, Toxicity.

Artists: Denise Ferreira da Silva & Arjuna Neuman, Helena Uambembe, Jota Mombaça, Luiz Camnitzer, Pamina Sebastião, Paulo Nazareth, Rogelio Lopez Cuenca & Elo Veja, Tiago Borges

Co-curated with Bruno Leitão



Produced by Picha

Musée National de Mubumbashi – VII Lubumbashi Biennale